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How to Get Started with Facebook Creator Studio: The Complete Guide

Are you worried about handling Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns separately? Ever wondered that you could control your Facebook and Instagram activity from one dashboard? Facebook Creator Studio is the answer to this problem. It can be challenging for marketers to oversee every social media marketing channel. Facebook and Instagram marketing make up the bulk of the company's goals. If your company is struggling to get good engagement, choose a social media marketing service from a well-known company.

Facebook Creator Studio is a dashboard for companies and content creators using Instagram and Facebook. It reduces the workload of independently publishing material and monitoring its performance across accounts on both platforms. While learning about Creator Studio, you should also pay attention to the Facebook Pixel because it can help you realize the value of your audience.

Creator Studio assists you with all the essential tasks of company development on social media platforms. The best feature of Facebook Creator Studio is that it completely eliminates any potential interference with your personal Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

Facebook's Creator Studio is a one-stop platform for managing social media content, enabling publishers and creators to manage their material, monitor performance, and build meaningful relationships with their audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Think of it as a powerful desktop hub.

Facebook wants marketers, publishers, content producers and companies of all sizes to use the hub and share more video content. This is indeed a sizable portion of Facebook's daily active creators. Many marketers may not even know they have access to creator studios. Many people still use third-party apps to organize, schedule, and track material. But if all you care about is Facebook and Instagram, you don't really need any other tools. Facebook's own built-in native tool, Creator Studio, offers many additional features for organizing and generating content, as well as deeper video insights.

The difference between Business Manager and Creator Studio is that the former is used to manage multiple pages and ad accounts without sharing login information. Your page content can be managed and organized in Authoring Studio. If you want, you can use it as a central location for uploading, planning, publishing, tracking, and monitoring all your material, with an emphasis on video.

You can access the desktop version directly from your Facebook profile by visiting or by clicking Creator Studio in the top navigation (if you don't see it right away, try the More tabs) .

Whether one member of your team uses their mobile phone or another uses the desktop version, Creator Studio will sync everything together. You can start and end posts on the desktop version, continue them on the mobile app, and you can even keep posts in drafts for final approval. It makes team coordination and releases easy.

Who should use Facebook Creator Studio?

Anyone using Facebook and Instagram can use this great tool. However, most of the features are tailored for brands and content creators. If you want to do more than watch funny videos or chat with friends, you should use Creator Studio.

Here is a list of how the tool helps both groups:

content creator

Plan content ahead

Monetize Facebook Video Content

Manage influential brand partnerships

Access a library of content creation resources (such as game guides or free audio)

Access media kits and collaborative advocacy performance indicators


Schedule and post content on multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts

Measure the performance of a single post or page

Learn more about pinpoint targeting

Easily increase organic content

Manage conversations across two platforms

How do I get started with Creation Studio?

Users can access Facebook Creator Studio on desktop, iOS and Android. You must travel to access Creator Studio from a PC or Mac. Log in to your Facebook account at If you want to use it on your mobile device, search for Creator Studio on Google Play or the iOS app store and download its app.

Features of Facebook Creator Studio

If you have multiple accounts, you can easily monitor all your Facebook or Instagram profiles from Facebook Creator Studio. You have access to a variety of functions, some of which are listed below:

Produce, upload and publish content

The main advantage of using Facebook Creator Studio is definitely this. In short, it takes a long time to publish content manually. So if you can plan everything a week, a month, or more in advance, you'll have more time and peace of mind.

Receive key platform and business updates

You can receive alerts from Meta and read about any new updates, such as the IOS 14.5 version. It will help you optimize your content for new updates. This will prevent any loss of coverage in the event of an algorithm change or some other mishap.

content archive

Another fantastic advantage is that you can now have all your content material in one place. So you can save all your movies and photos here and use them to generate content. Instead of posting files to cloud or local storage and then downloading them. Just go back and reupload. When you have to repeat this process for 30 pieces of content, you start to value uploading content only once.

getting information

If you want to drill down on a post to check how it is doing, or you want to see analytics and social media KPIs to see how your page is doing, with Creator Studio insights you can get some great, trustworthy analytics.

Simplify your message

This is very time saving. The reason for this is that even with most social networking apps, including Hootsuite, viewing direct messages requires logging into Instagram or Facebook. However, with Facebook Creator Studio, you can see everything from one simple, straightforward inbox.


If you have a large audience, you can monetize your social media posts. Additionally, you can use Creator Studio to change settings. It also helps you build a steady stream of income for your brand by enabling social media revenue.

rights coordinator

By using the rights manager tool, you can protect your material from copyright infringement. This feature will tell you that your content may be prone to copyright infringement. It helps you dodge legal bullets by warning you about violations when you never thought there were any violations. You can connect your Instagram account to Creation Studio to use this feature across platforms.

sound library

This is great because if you want to spice things up, you can download free music and sound effects to add to your content. It also simplifies the process because you don't have to import audio files and make adjustments to your content.

control page

Of course, you can manage all your pages from one place, allowing you to better coordinate your social media flow without any confusion.

How does Facebook Creator Studio work?

Now that you have a basic understanding of Creator Studio Facebook's features, let's take a deeper look at how to use them. If you're having trouble using Creation Studio, Meta has a guide to help you.


This option allows you to post organically, start a live stream, or post a job listing. It's very similar to the options available in the native Facebook app. To start creating a Facebook post, click the shortcut on the home screen or the green Create Post button in the upper left corner of the page.

You can customize your posts just like on the native Facebook post builder: media files, feelings/activities, check-ins, etc. After customizing your post, you can publish it immediately or schedule it to be published later. You can also use the Boost Post function directly.


This option allows you to create and test up to four different variations of organic video posts. It can include various post elements such as titles, thumbnails, or video edits. Before publishing on your page, Facebook will show your audience a different version of the release. And, based on your audience's reaction, the most engaged posts are posted on your account.

Include a story

You have all heard a story. It allows you to create and share content that is available 24 hours a day. You can only use text or photos with this option, and you can also add custom CTA buttons. You have to share the story right away, compared to the release scheduling option.

Make a video post

Select this option if you want to publish a video post. After uploading the video, you will be able to edit your post. You can include thumbnails, titles, polls, and other features. Remember to check and meet the pre-release criteria for better optimization.

Share multiple videos

You can use this option to post up to 50 videos at a time. You can also change the title and description of each video. You can also post videos as different episodes in a series and schedule them to be released at set times.

Go online

This option allows you to live stream using Facebook's native Live Producer tool.

Distribute videos across multiple pages

Upload videos here and share them on your multiple Facebook pages. It will save you the trouble of uploading the same video multiple times.

Content library

All your posts on all Facebook pages can be found in the content library. The Content Library is more than just a repository for your Facebook content. When you click on a specific post, a detailed breakdown of its performance is displayed.


Since it only contains videos and stories, this creative studio insights area is slightly different from the insights we receive on our Facebook page. When you open up these insights, the first thing you see is your video performance. It shows minutes watched, one-minute and three-second video views, engagement, and web followers.

Loyalty is one of the latest metrics they're starting to show. The loyalty element was one of the main metrics Facebook used to expand video reach when it revamped its News Feed algorithm recently, likely in the previous year. How many of your viewers return to watch your videos? You can now monitor when new viewers arrive, how often they watch, and how often they come back.

Your audience is less loyal. This categorizes readers by age, geography, and other demographic factors, and shows more pages and videos of interest to the most enthusiastic viewers. Note that you won't be able to access many of these details until your viewing reaches a certain threshold.

There's also a retention tab that shows where your viewers came from and how long they watched. Three-second, fifteen-second, and one-minute views of this are broken down separately. These charts underscore the importance of the first few seconds of videos, especially if they are not live. Facebook's video retention rates are generally low. For this reason, the first 15 seconds are critical to keeping the audience's attention and preventing scrolling.

Benefits are the different sections you might encounter under Insights. In addition to managing and understanding your content and audience, the goal of a creation studio includes monetization. They also have a completely different monetization category below that includes in-stream ads, sponsored content when working with paid partners, and brand collaborations, where you may or may not see any content. Additionally, Facebook stars are displayed on monetized game profiles.

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